Roof Replacement Basic You Should Know 

If you’re doing a total makeover or remodel of your house, the top of the project is the roof replacement. Your roof should be strong and durable because all the things you did for the remodeling like drywall installation and painting would be for nothing if it’s not going to be protected by a strong roof. The following are the basics of Tampa commercial roofing replacement you should know before you start with the project.  

  1. Basic Types of Materials 

First, you should know more about the types of materials available in the market and the type that you need your home. The roofing type will depend on where you live, and also your needs of aesthetic appeal and design. The angle or the roof pitch will affect the shingles you’re going to install. For example, wood shingles are used for steeper roofs.  

The asphalt shingles can be easily obtained and also cheap. You can only use for flat appearance so it’s less attractive. Another material type is a wood shake, which is an attractive shingle but pricey. Metal roofing is another type, it’s pricey but rare, and fee roofers know how to install it. Slate roofing is a high-end roofing option, highly attractive yet slippery to walk on. Last one is the faux slate which gains a lot of popularity.  

  1. Remove the Shingles or Out a Roof Over?  

You have to decide whether you’re going to remove the existing shingles or put a roof over it. However, getting into this decision will take some considerations. First, the weight issues, the weight could be a structural problem if the materials get too heavy. Another problem is if you already have problems like bumps, bubbles and waves, you can double the problem if you add some roof. You might get rid of these problems if you inspect the old roof and repair as many problems as you can. Another important thing to consider is the work and waste reduced. Stripping the existing shingles then adding more layers will add more work. It can be rough if you’re doing DIY.  

  1. Saving Money and Materials  

Replacing an old roof is costly, though it depends on the kind of materials you use. There ae cheap asphalts shingles, architectural shingles and pricey slate that you can choose from. The area to be covered, the labor of the roofer and the pitch of the roof all matters. You can negotiate with the roofers; they might give you a package that might suit your needs.  

  1. Best Time to Install a Roof 

You should be aware of the best season for roofing. For example, the best time is during late spring or early fall. Roofers would want to work in perfect conditions, but if they do that they will go out of business. But you can negotiate a time where you want the job to be done. The existing roof should be dry before you install the covering layers. You can also take advantage off season if you hire a team of professional so the job is finished in hours and not in days.